About Dot

We (Andrew and Louisa) are the owners and producers of DOT Productions and we met when performing in a children’s show at Brentwood Theatre in 2007. We enjoyed working together so much that we decided to produce a play together, and ‘The Mating Game’ was performed at the same theatre just over a year later.

After the success of our first show we produced ‘Dangerous Corner’ at Brentwood Theatre and then in June 2010 Louisa had the idea to do a summer tour – that summer! It was a completely ridiculous notion, and soon got our approval. Our first tour of ‘The Comedy of Errors’ toured 7 venues that August. Since then DOT has grown massively, reaching many more audiences and focusing on constantly improving so we can deliver the most enjoyable experiences to all our audiences and the people we work with.We have been touring classic plays with a DOT embellishment since 2010. We know that for a lot of our audience members a theatre trip is something they look forward to, and is sometimes an infrequent treat, so we take our responsibility for creating a brilliant experience seriously! There are also those people in our audience who are dragged along, and we do love all the comments from them after they have been won over by our actors, and have become fans.

We adore comedies and make it our mission to get the laughter rolling and endorphins flowing so whichever venue you are coming to come prepared for a lots of fun and achy cheeks. We always tour with a minimal cast so the actors often play multiple characters, and it’s not unusual to see cross-gender playing so our performers have to be very talented and flexible. Equally our directors are very creative and bring the plays to life, incorporating DOT’s renowned comedic style.

The venues we tour to vary a lot so you can visit the one closest to you or try something new a little further afield, and decide whether you’d like a theatre experience or some open-air entertainment.

Our last classic show was Jane Austen’s Persuasion in 2023 which was an absolute pleasure to tour and we’re now working towards our 2024 summer and autumn tour with our adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘An Ideal Husband’ & family show ‘Treasure Island’.

The Team

Our shows couldn’t be put on without the talent and hard work of a lot of other people. We work with fabulous actors, directors, designers and venues and every one of them is integral to creating a great show.
Louisa-marie Hunt, Andrew Lindfield